• Thought of a new product but didn't know what to do next?
  • Had a product design concept but had no way to bring it to fruition?

    We all have great ideas and we all want to be the next great inventor but 99.8% of new inventions are never created! Most inventors do not have the resources or network to be able to take an idea or concept to the next level….contact Sunscope® to bring your dream to reality!

  • Review your Invention
    We will make sure that your idea is something that we will be able to manufacture
  • Do a Patent search
    We can search existing patents to make sure that we file the correct claims to protect your ideas.
  • Apply for a Provisional Patent Application
    A provisional application allows us to make sure that your ideas are protected and we can work on the final application
  • Filing strategy – US or international
    Review your needs – do you need a Worldwide patent or is a domestic patent sufficient for your protection?
  • File Patent
    The claims (what makes your invention unique) are filed along with the appropriate drawings.
  • USPTO examines the patent and allows or rejects.
  • Decision to appeal or not to appeal
    The examiner may find something that we will need to address. We will work with you and the examiner to refine the claims or drop the patent application.
  • Pay fees if application is granted and start manufacturing!
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