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Custom Sourcing - Our 12 sourcing offices located through China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam work with  our 21 joint venture plants and over 150 approved and audited sites to be able to bring our client base the lowest costs possible. Leveraging our buying power and financial strengths (we are self-financed) we are able to source and produce large orders for less.

Custom Design - Sunscope® has a team of industrial product designers that create new product concepts for our clients every day. Watch a concept come to life with renderings, 3D PDF’s, 3D prototypes and actual molds. We do it all in-house and every new item is reviewed by our in-house legal team to ensure we do not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property. We patent and protect any and all new products or concepts.


Our production facilities are audited to the highest industry standards. We ensure that our plants are both socially & quality compliant to ensure that our clients do not have to worry about where their products are produced.

Every SKU is tested by an independent accredited Laboratory to ensure that our production meets/exceeds all Federal and State requirements.

Our products are all reviewed and labeled correctly to meet the Federal CPSC requirements for markings on items used or marketed to children. Sunscope® takes away many of the inherent compliance risks involved with selling products in today’s marketplace.

Before any goods leave China, they are inspected by an independent third party Lab to ensure that the production meets your approved samples.  We do not make a shipment from China without these reports.

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Custom Sourcing

Joint ownership of 20+ factories with capital and staffing investments that guarantee fast and efficient handling of all custom projects.

Almost 80 years of experience with time tested relationships that have been built on our $200 million buying power. Sunscope has offices located throughout Asia for sourcing.

Quality Control Inspectors to keep a careful eye on Quality Control during proofing, production, printing, packaging and shipping.

Quality Assurance Specialists who arrange for all required testing and assisting with Federal, State and our own Sunscope® compliance requirements issues.

Logistics team who work directly with Shipping Lines and Airfreight Forwarders to obtain the best rate on the shipping schedules we need for shipments around the world.