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custom delivery bag


We looked at ways to create a universal well constructed food delivery bag that could be used in all the usual delivery scenarios.

Uber Function Research





Here are some quick sketches to explore function, form and utility.

Ideation Sketch 01
Ideation Sketch 02
Ideation Sketch 03
Ideation Sketch 04

Detail Specs

We looked at how to integrate some of the clients requests into the design of the bags.

Detail Specs 01
Detail Specs 02

Finishing Touches

Options for custom liners and zipper pulls.

Uber Eats Liner
Zipper Pulls
Uber Eats Zipper Pulls

Final Renderings

The final designs were rendered in 3d so we could easily change colors and other design features.

Uber Eats Render 01

Design 01

Uber Eats Render 02

Design 02

Uber Eats Render 03

Design 03

Final 3D Design

Final 3D Design
Final 3D Design

Final Sample Produced

Final Sample Produced
Final Sample Produced