The DiLA Vision

Design in Los Angeles high quality custom garments and manufacture them at an affordable cost.



DiLA is the Apparel division of SUNSCOPE®, one of the largest promotional products Suppliers in the Industry. We specialize in the manufacturing of all types of apparel and accessories for businesses in all industries.

DiLA turns your apparel fantasies into reality by taking the garments you visualize and making them. Our team of experienced designers work with you to make your ideas come to life. DiLA’s design team can create anything…the opportunities are endless.

With our resources, we offer a simple and streamlined solution for businesses to access competitive supply chains that focuses on product quality, reliability and sustainability. The DiLA team is based in the US but is supported by our teams of dedicated experts in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Mexico and China.


Design Development

Our skilled in-house designers will assist you from sketches to full technical design, provide tech pack alternatives, illustration, logo design and graphic design support. It truly is a Designed in Los Angeles production! A complete and thorough design process is the first key step in ensuring a smoother sampling and manufacturing experience.

Jacket Sketch

Custom Labeling

The DiLA design team works with you to enhance your brand by adding custom labels with your brand to out apparel designs. From printed tear away neck tags, heat transfer labels and woven labels, our factories are equipped to add that special branding touch to your next project.

WSS label

Virtual 3D Sampling

The DiLA team is capable of digitally creating your garment in 3D and placing it on avatars with a range of body types where you can analyze your garment in motion, observing the fit in intricate detail.

DiLA Hoodie

Garment Accessories

DiLA specializes in enhancing our apparel designs by using custom accessories in your brand. Using your brand colors, we will create custom trim colors and select fabrics which embody your brand. Using your brand colored zippers, molded zipper pulls and buttons, we create a custom product that will represent your marketing to the fullest.

Zipper Pull

Marketing & Content

Our success is based on your users desire for the products we create. If needed, the DiLA team will assist in your marketing and content creation by providing product photography, model shoots and create marketing content.



Modern Manufacturing Facilities

Our factories are equipped with some of the best and most advanced equipment within the industry. Utilizing these high precision machines our apparel is made with attention and high efficiency where many of the top apparel brands also produce their products.

item collage
audited for both product and social compliance

Certified Partners & Social Compliance

DiLA only works with well-respected factories that provide high quality apparel and are certified through third party audits for: SMETA, BSCI, OEKO-TEX, ACCORD, etc. Our manufacturing facilities are audited for both product and social compliance to ensure that we produce high quality products in plants that place human rights in the highest regards.


We have several print and advanced embellishment options to create high-value, custom branded products for your clients. We offer standard embroidery, 3D embroidery, hear transfers and dye sublimation along with many types of silk screen print options.

Size Testing

DiLA provides a detailed size chart listing every measurement that is needed for your apparel for approval before production begins. Once approved, our team will develop pre-production samples and tech packs with the approved measurements and test the samples to ensure they fit correctly.

Large to Small Scale Production

Regardless of the size of your order, we will treat your order with the same level of attention and the standards. We pride ourselves on our service which remains the same whether you order a few hundred pieces of a million.

Countries We Source From











We work and communicate transparently. The DiLA team will work closely with you through every stage of the production process, providing you regular updates through the production steps. Our team is always available if there are any concerns or questions.

competitive costs

Competitive Costs

We understand that any project, regardless of size, is going to be a financial commitment, so we work tirelessly to provide the most competitive pricing available. By utilizing our international network of Suppliers, we will find the best costs without compromising quality.


Streamlined Process

Once you begin working with us, you will realize that getting your custom apparel made could not be easier. With the DiLA network and systems, you can rely on us to finish your project from start to finish.

DiLA is committed to providing superior quality custom products and services that meet all applicable regulatory, statutory and customer requirements by adhering to a quality management system that benefits our customers, employees and valued partners.


• Produce any item from concept to completion. Sunscope will design, develop, engineer, manufacture, decorate and distribute any custom product idea.
• Source any item through our own worldwide offices.
• Delivery solutions providing complete logistical services worldwide.


• Experience: established in 1943, ASI Supplier since 1987 and a Top 20 Promotional Product Supplier since 2004.
• 70+ years of importing and ensuring all products exceed all US Federal and State standards for compliance in all safety regulations.


• We are a single source Supplier that handles your creative, design, compliance and logistics needs.
• Piggyback on our global buying power: $200,000,000+ annual spend.



Packaging Solutions

The DiLA design team will work with you to ensure that your product is packaged correctly. Our team will detail how to fold, polybag and pack your apparel once it’s ready to be shipped. We also provide the option for custom polybags, hang tags, UPC stickers and packaging if your apparel needs that extra detail.

quality control

Finishing and Quality Control

We work with third-party inspection companies to make sure that your garment is produced per our stringent requirements. Every shipment is inspected before it leaves the factory. We can provide a copy of the detailed 3rd party report upon request.

quality compliance

Quality Compliance and Standards

We use the following standards: AQL 0 for critical defects, AQL 2.5 for major defects & AQL 4.0 for minor defects per the ISO 2859-1 standard with a sampling plan of Level IIE per the ISO 2859, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 standard. DiLA has developed an internal four point system to ensure every step of our manufacturing process passes our strict quality requirements.

eco friendly

Environmentally Conscious

Our team works tirelessly to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. We constantly research how to leave a smaller carbon footprint — we make sure that every factory we work with is eco- friendly.


Delivery and Logistics

Our delivery and logistics teams work closely to make sure your project is delivered in a timely manner. Using a network of steamship lines, freight forwarders and couriers we deliver goods to over 40 countries annually. Our shipping volume allows us to share our discounted freight rates with our clients. Our Los Angeles facility is CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified.




DiLA is your one stop shop for all apparel. With our expertise and extensive knowledge, we know how to make your vision come to life. We work with manufacturers across the world, so we are prepared for any project — nothing is too big for us. When working with you, we invest our time, knowledge and capital in you and your project.